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No 2.2 Upgrade for my branded HTC Desire


Nov 5, 2010

Four days ago I bought a HTC Desire. I live in Denmark, and the dealer said he only had English language HTC Desires available, which I thought was no problem for me.

However, the phone was not just English language, it was also T-Mobile branded. So now, I am running a T-Mobile branded phone on a Danish carrier. Will this give me problems? Specifically, is this the reason my phone will not upgrade to Android 2.2? If not, how long should I wait before updates are available?

I have tried upgrading though Menu -> Settings -> About phone -> System software updates -> Check now. But it keeps saying "There are no updates available for your phone".

Who is responsible for providing me updates? My danish carrier or T-Mobile?

The phone is not sim-locked.

Except for the missing 2.2 upgrade, the phone is working just fine.


Mads Lindstr

A reply to myself here :)

I was wondering if there were something fishy going with the dealer, I bought the phone from. I mean, how is it that the dealer gets hold of a brand new T-Mobile branded telephone? I would have thought only T-Mobile sold these. Or maybe I am just being paranoid here.


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