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No email notifications / badges after update


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Aug 3, 2012
Lex Vegas
My att S20+ had a software update over the weekend. While some nice changes were included, I've lost some functionality that I can't seem to get back. Side note: using nova launcher pro.

I use K9 mail and I no longer get notifications for new mail once it has arrived. I have to keep opening K9 to see if I have anything new.

Additionally, I no longer have notification badges on my apps, like email and text (I use textra).
Which notification badge option are you using within Nova? The badges still work fine for me in Android 11, but I do still use the old TeslaUnread plugin (no longer in the Play Store, but still supported and can probably be found at apkmirror.com), since the "official" way Android does notification badges for the last few years are inferior (they disappear if you clear notifications).

But I'm not using a Samsung, so they may have done something of their own in addition to any actual Android changes.

I'm afraid I've not used K9 for a number of years, so no ideas there.
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Well I just tested that those do work in Android 11 (with the limitation that they disappear if you swipe the notification away - they aren't a true unread count). But unfortunately I don't have a Samsung so can't say whether Sammy have done something that breaks these (though they shouldn't: this is based on a standard Android feature).

Have you tried other badge types, just in case it's specific to that particular type?
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