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Help No external storage error

I installed a new SD card, and formatted it for my phone, and the phone is showing that it's reading the card. I even moved some of my apps from the phone to the card and all are working fine. However, tho I have room on both the phone and the sd card, I am unable to download or update any apps, can't use the camera, can't save screenshots or pictures from social media or the internet, and can't access the sd card from the File Manager! I have tried reformatting the card again, unmounting and remounting it, rebooting the phone with and without the card mounted, cleaning everything including the cache on the entire phone, and been thru the settings over and over, but i can't figure out why it's causing the problems or how to fix it! Any suggestions, other than a complete reset, which I will do if there's no other ideas that may work! Just hard to do a backup first without the sd card, so I am hoping for a simpler solution! Thanks!


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