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Help No idea where i went wrong


Dec 14, 2010
Ok guys here is my situation, I installed Z4root on my Metropcs LG Optimus M phone, i enable the USB thing and then after it restarted i downloaded and paid for Root Explore, i also downloaded smartbar but thats only bc i thought it was working, now when i enter Root Ex, I can see some files and travel around to other files, but sometimes i get this: You phone doesn't appear to be rooted. what did i do wrong? i don't know anything about this kinda stuff and i cant seem to find a posting were it say what to do step by step, so if someone out there can dumb it down for me(very dumb) i would be greatly appreciated. i am only doing this bc i want to get rid of all the crap or hid the stuff that came preloaded. So if you can PLEASE Dumb things down and give me step by step explanation i would be forever in your grace or something like that. thanks!
You are good to go, just launch z4root and do temporary root. Then launch root explorer again and it should prompt you to allow root access.

From there, you just hit the button in the upper right of root explorer to remount a folder with write permissions.

Below is the current "safe" list of apps you can remove. Don't make my mistake by removing the LGHome app, you need it!

MVC.MetroPCS.android02.apk = Virtual Card
MobileBanking.apk = Mobile Banking
MobilePosse.apk = MyExtras
SNS.apk = Facebook for LG, Twitter for LG
Boingo_Wo-Fi.apk = Boingo WiFi
Mocospace-1.2.4.apk = Moco Space
Uno_Demo_LG_MS690.apk = Uno Game
PGA_Android.apk = Free Games
LGMS690_MetroPCS_EasyWiFi_V4.0.90.apk = Easy Wifi
MPCS-MobileIM- = MobileIM
PEX- = Pocket Express
z7-android2x.apk= Mail@Metro
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not sure which root explorer you used, you are probably ok there, i bought my copy from the app store.

You should look at your z4root in your settings--> manage apps to check your version. If it is older just uninstall it then install the one from the link.

After you have rooted your phone with z4root, then relaunch root explorer.
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what i mean to say is should i remove all the apps i used, z4root, root explore and then download the one from that posting and then re-download root explore
I would if i were you. first thing i did was dl both programs to the phone then i opened root explorer and granted superuser permission, then i launched z4 and did the temp root (you can perma root if you want its your choice), then i went back into root explorer and scrolled down to "system", then "apps" and deleted all the metro garbage. some people say to install another app to find out what your deleting but as someone else here in this forum said if your not sure just click on the app and click "install" and it will tell you what app it really is then just push cancel and delete it or leave it alone. after all that just reboot the phone and everything you deleted should be gone.
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