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Help No in-car charging or Android Auto


Mar 7, 2022
Previously, both mine and my wife's mobile phones both connected via USB to our cars. Now, the phones still connect via USB for charging and Android Auto in my car but will not connect to my wife's car (Mazda CX-30). When you plug either phone in to the car, it instantly vibrates and the charging icon come up but then within a fraction of a second, it disconnects. This continues every 10 or so seconds, connecting then instantly disconnecting again. You therefore cannot charge the phone or use Android Auto. I replaced the cable and same issue, have reset the cars infotainment to factory settings, uninstalled Android Auto and still no change. I took the car back to the dealer who then connected 3 different mobiles to the car, all of which had no issues and started Android Auto automatically but when I tried to connect my phone to a brand new car there (same model), it replicated the issue I have with our car! So it's not the car and I'm out of ideas! Is there a likely setting on both our phones which may be causing this issue and blocking charging/connection from the car?
I merged your posts into the device forum since you indicate that is isn't a problem with the head unit. Are both phones the same (Oppo Find X2 Neo)? Have there been any recent updates? It seems unlikely both you and your wife would simultaneously change the same setting.
Hi Unforgiven, no mine is an OPPO Find X2 Neo and my wife has a Samsung Galaxy A41. It is really strange that both phones contune to work fine in my car yet not in hers and other phones work fine in her car!
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When I connect the cable, the phone recognises a connection and vibrates and the usual 'Charge only, Transfer Files/Android Auto etc' options appear for a fraction of a second then it disconnects. It reconnects about 10 seconds later and the same happens and this continues as long as the cable is connected. It never actually charges or connects to AA as the connection drops so quickly but doesn't do this with any other phones (other than my wifes)
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Also try different cables as well
He did mention a new cable in the OP. That, and a bad port on the phone were some of my initial thoughts, but the devices work in the other vehicle. I *think* USB does some type of low power listening to determine when a device is connected, then ramps up the power for charging and communication. I think this is what he is seeing with the initial connection / charging notification. When things are firing up something is going wrong so the USB is shutting down (either from the phone or the head unit) to prevent damage to anything connected. That's why, having eliminated the phone ports and the cable, I think it could be debris or other problems with the usb port in the car.
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