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No longer getting message preview on locked screen


Aug 26, 2019
I used to get the message preview at top of the phone when screen was locked. I use this for work multiple times daily. Now when I get a message, it shows a blue message icon at top but the message is no longer showing.
If it was a code to sign in I would get 123456 or something showing. Now I have to press the power button to show this.
Also my notifications for messages are going crazy. I keep getting multiple notifications for messages. I can't figure out notifications settings at all.
I have a ding set up for messages and a piano set up for general notifications.
But I keep getting the piano for messages and not the ding.
In Messages settings I have General notifications turned off
And I have new messages turned on.
I have a few custom sounds set for certain people and groups.
When I hear these extra piano notifications, I pull down the top notification menu and there is nothing new showing!


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