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Help No ringtone or audio on phone today


Aug 15, 2010
My wife's Captivate stopped ringing today...

No ringtones, no notifications, no mp3s, no sound on videos...calls show up and you can answer, talk and be heard, just no audio other than that.

Media volume up full.
Ringer volume up full.
Notification volume up full.
System volume up full.

Not on silent.
Not on vibrate.

Haven't tried it with a bluetooth headset because she doesn't use one.

Hasn't dropped it...nothing like that. Any ideas?
over half an hour on the phone...and they hung up on me.

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Happened to my husband's captivate today. Found another post that described the external speaker working loose, the repair shown there fixed it. We hadn't dropped his phone either, but it had been pulled in and out of a case a lot yesterday.

"Remove the battery cover, press firmly on the external speaker with your thumb, replace the battery cover. The external speaker is on the upper right above the battery, just under the vented area on the back cover." (It said power off, we didn't.)
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Was sick of chock holding my phone just to get the sound on for a second or two a then found this thread and it gave me some ambition to investigate the issue further found a tutorial on replacing the speaker which had great instructions with pics after makeing a tool to assist I decided to attempt the dismantling of the phone. So basically long story short there is a contact between the speaker and the phones motherboard that was not making full contatct if u can picture this < as being the contact I just over bent it so that it would defiantly make contact . So far I have been playing music for two hours and it has not gone off yet so for now the issue is resolved I hope this helps someone. If you want the link to the speaker replacement tutorial I will be happy to do so just email me mrblueomega@gmail.com
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