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Root no video player


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Jun 3, 2010
ok my evo is really pissing me off!!! i love cm7 and other asop roms, but i can't play video off msn and other internet sites. i have flash 10.2(no it didn't work with 10.1 either). so i go to sense roms and bam it works on the stock explorer. so i go to use firefox,dolphin,and other browsers and back to nothing. it has to be my phone cause i've flashed rom after rom and get the same results. anyone got any good ideas? right now all i can say is thank god for the new virus rom cause it makes me like sense roms again.

sorry for sounding like a jerk i just hate when i have an awsome phone and i get shown up by a lesser one lol.

fyi when i flash roms i wipe everything and run the caulkins afterword.


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