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Help noob needs some help


Sep 3, 2010
Coming from an iphone.

Need some help on a few things and search is not helping me out yet.

I somehow setup gmail and the "default email" application....that is kind of dumb to have both??...anyway I want to use the gmail application. Where is the setup of the the default email application so I can remove/delete the application?

Gmail application -
HOW/WHERE can you make it default to show pictures in an email?

Not liking all the black setup applications and menus?
If I get a different theme does that change all menus and color of default applications like messaging and setup menus/everything?

thanks for all help so far...I am sure I will have more to come.

Your set up menus will not change colors. Your background can be green but when you open up an app the very top of the screen will revert to black and the app will introduce with whatever color is built into the app. Set ups are black screens.
You can remove the stock email app from your home screen and put the gmail app on your screen. Under the settings of the stock app you can check to have it be your default email. I have gmail as my default and use the gmail icon on my home screen. There is a check box under the browser settings to slow pics to be viewed.
Long but I hope its right and I hopeit helps.
Others be easy.
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Welcome to the captive forum. Glad you are here :D

Another option if you have more email address than just gmail is to have the gmail app off and gmail as the main e-mail app. Start by presing menu, settings, accounts and sync. Select your gmail account and uncheck Sync Gmail (leave the other options checked).

Now press home. Open your apps and select email, if you are in your email in box, select menu, accounts. Press and hold on the e-mail account, select remove acount and click ok. Now ad your gmail acount, it will automatically configure the e-mail as gmail. This way your gmail is in the main messaging app and is your main e-mail address. I have hotmail, gmail, yahoo, and a school email account. It is nice to have them all in one spot, including gmail.
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I figured I could not do much with the black menus but thanks anyway.

I have gmail on my dock now.... but not sure where to remove it from the default app?
And if i do then it will stop the calendar/contact syncs?

The browser was already set to show pictures... Is there a fix/script to always display pictures? This was a setting on the iphone.

thanks Kevin
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