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Root NOOKColor/Android 2.2 for a Dummy


Mar 23, 2011
Hello -

I recently bought a new NOOKColor with the sole purpose of installing Android and basically transforming it into a large screen version of my Ipod Touch.

I usually like to do things myself, however rather than take the chance of messing something up, I purchased an 8gb rooted Android Froyo 2.2 card.

I have absolutely no prior experience with Android (or the NOOKColor) and find that I really need some very basic guidance with standard functions, i.e., IF YOU WANT TO GO HERE, THEN DO THIS or IF YOU PRESS THIS, THEN THIS WILL OCCUR or HOW TO UNDO THIS MISTAKE, etc.

I hope I've explained my needs well enough, so that someone can provide me with a link and/or point me in the right direction.

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To get into Froyo, pop that SD card in, and then power the Nook on. It will boot from SD before internal memory so its as easy as that.

I see that you want a basic Android guide, a quick Google search didnt turn much up. The best way to learn it, is to use it as much as you can. Scroll through each menu option, stuff like that.

We cant exactly go through each step of "Do this if you want this.." etc, it would be much easier for you to ask how to do specific tasks, in fact, search it first, then if you need help, thats what we are here for.
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