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Help Not able to send MMS with other SMS clients on my Samsung Indulge.


I have a rooted Samsung Indulge which works fine (on Cricket) in all respects except for one issue: I am not able to send MMS with any other client than the built in one. The built in one sends fine while clients like Handcent, GO SMS and a couple of others won't send MMS. They just grind trying to send and I then have to interrupt and delete the message or it will try to send forever.

My preferred SMS client is GO SMS. Is there a way I can get it to send MMS, or am I stuck with the built in client on this phone?
Change the server in go SMS settings to use go servers instead of your carrier

I've searched the forum and the web and I can't find what the server needs to be set to. Could you please point me in the right direction? I do not want to use the link MMS option provided by GO when the picture gets uploaded to GO's servers. Too many privacy issues with that approach.
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You may have set the MMS size too high so the client doesn't compress the picture. I tried that on go sms and it would not send my message. I changed setting from 5MB to 500k and it went through.

Thanks! That turned out to be the problem. Cricket obviously doesn't allow very large MMS messages. The only setting that worked was 100K. 200K was too big. I've set it at 100K and it works now.
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