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Not receiving email notifications

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I have had my hero for a couple weeks now was working perfect however I am no longer being alerted when I have emails (both exchange and Yahoo). It will show 0 I will refresh and still none, however I will check it on the computer and there are several. I have it polling every hour????
Wel I went to Verizon and I have learned two things.

One: task killer will block email notifications and such. However task manager does not seem to yet.

Second: my email's default was set to refresh every three days so all pending messages I wouldn't get until it refreshed. Of course I didn't wait three days to figure that out. So Verizon changed three things for me, ensure your settings are to refresh frequently, download everyday and. Mailbox capacity is set to unlimited.

Also I've learned if you're expecting an email you can just hit refresh manually.

Let me know whether this helps.
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