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Not recognizing when I type

Hypo Luxa

Android Enthusiast
May 12, 2010
I have this intermittent problem where I'll go to answer a text message or do a Google search and I hit the window to open a text box and then the keyboard pops up and I go to type, and it shows the keys i hit, but nothing comes up in the text box. The text box doesn't have the focus. I usually have to get out of the app several times and go back in and keep trying till it decides to eventually work.

Google is the worst when it happens because I'll have to close and retry prolly 15-20 times before I just give up. I had this before and I did a factory reset and it seemed to go away, then I rooted and went with Evil Eris 3, and after 1 or 2 weeks, it popped back up again Saturday.

Anyone else have this issue or hear how to fix it? it is quite frustrating
I have the same problem and like you im totally stuck. ive had the problem for the longest but i have noticed that since i did a hard reset that the problem doesnt really happen anymore. and i also use better keyboard. becuase what i noticed is that if you switch keyboard sometimes it helps that way you dont have to switch out of you app that you are in.

my suggestion, do a hard reset and install each app you have now again one at a time.
then try to pay attention to the one you install right before the problem occurs again.
it worked for me granted i dont know which keyboard or app it was but i know now that i dont have that problem and love my phone. *cheese*
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