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Help Not Registered on Network


Oct 24, 2010
Hey everybody, I have a family plan and a Samsung Fantastic for Verizon and its a droid. I live in the US. Recently it said when i tried to call a pal that I was "not registered on network" and the call wouldn't send, the same with texts or anything, nothing would work. I tried turning it on and off and it was all the same. It claimed I had no sim card inserted. Meanwhile the sim card was there. Any help? Thanks :thinking: Oh and just to be certain where exactly is the sim card located on this phone?
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First off CDMA (Verizon, Sprint) phones do not have SIM cards; GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile) phones do. The card in your Fascinate is a MicroSD memory card. If the phone is new and telling you that you're not registered on the network then my first guess is that your phone is not yet programmed. On the phone dial *228 and select option 1. This should perform the initial programming on the phone.

If you've had the phone for a while, been using it successfully, and all of a sudden it gave you that message then you may have a problem with the phone or somehow the phone has done a master reset on itself. It might be worthwhile trying to re-program the phone using *228, option 1. If that doesn't work then a call to Verizon may be in order.

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