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Help Not sure about the Moment - but, liking Android


Dec 8, 2009
Questions & issues: (new Sprint/Samsung/Moment user)

I've had my Moment about 10-12 days now.
Just froze on me yesterday - took it into Sprint and they gave me a new one, couldn't figure out how to unlock it. I'd read something on here about draining the batt a few times and re-charging it, to get it to acclimate to the highs/lows of charging. Had done it twice, when resetting the unit and it went into this freeze phase where it would go back into that (bios-like) menu upon restarts. It absolutely WOLD NOT just start. Thus, they gave me a new one. This kinda makes me think the thing is junkY. (?)

Other issue, I simply cannot get the PC Studio (3) software to recognize my unit when it's plugged-in. I've tried restarting my pc/laptop, plugging and unplugging the Moment, disabling any/all antivirus/firewall, and nothing.

Has anyone else had THIS much trouble getting the pc to recognize a plugged-in Moment? (I'm on Vista Ultimate x64) I'm a former Windows Mobile/HTC Mogul user.

I have installed the driver(not the whole studio) on XP and Win7(both 32 bit) with no issues. make sure you put the phone in debug mode to access the SD card from your computer.

Settings > Application settings > Development > USB Debugging

Also you need to drag down the notification bar when the USB symbol shows up and touch the USB connected and mount the card.
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