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Help Not Sync with gmail

At least I'm not the only one with this issue. Mine stopped syncing sometime after 11 PM on Tuesday night. I checked all of my settings and then went into a Verizon store where they didn't really have a solution, except to do a factory re-install on my phone and that didn't work either. I'm hoping that since it magically stopped working, it will magically start working again soon.

If anyone else has any suggestions I'm open to trying just about anything!
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Just a thought but I had the problem this morning. I had been away from my desktop for a couple of days and used the smartphone for emails. Mine played up today and I went to my gmail account on the desktop and followed the instructions to clear the email cache (Gmail help) and all was then restored OK. I would like to know how this happens and what causes it.
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My gmail account will not sync with my phone. It has been 2 days now and still not working. Checked all the setting on my phone, turned off the phone and turned back on. But nothing. If I refresh it will load them, but not working on its own.

Well, there's the 30 other threads discussing this same issue...

It's a Google problem. They claim they're working on it.
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