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Root Note 10.1 CPU Temp after OC

I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 that I have just rooted and I'm currently running Cyanogen overclocked at 1.6 ghz. This is my first time to root a device and I call myself having done my homework but there's a lot of opinion out there and few supporting facts. Several Note 10.1 owners said they have been running OC'd at 1.6 (default is 1.4 ghz) with no problem for months. My system is def faster and running smoothly but I'm concerned that my CPU core temp is steadily reading 110 - 125f when running only a couple small apps. With resource hogs running I've seen it as high as 130f. Ambient temp is always 73f. Battery temp holding at around 98f monitored with System Tuner. There have been no crashes or random reboots....yet. Should I be ok with these settings or think I should dial it back?

Also any information that could be provided about what the best sampling rate settings would be that would also be of great help. Currently set at 100000 and the min at 10000.




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