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Help Note 2 charge port damaged


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Nov 16, 2012
Hello, I noticed today that my charge port on my note 2 is damaged. What I mean is, no matter which 3 of my chargers I use, I must put downward pressure on the cord to get the phone to charge cause if not, the screen starts to blink. Anyone know if this can be fixed via a replacement part? Don't have warranty. Don't want to send bthe phone to Samsung. Thanks in advance!
I think this kind of damage is very common. A few of my devices (note the Note 2) got the same type of damage. They won't charge unless the plug is hold at a certain angle or depth. The center part of the female socket (little piece of metal) is very fragile. The Apple new lightning connection is a much better design I think.
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Try this app (GCC): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=36124435#post36124435

On most Galaxy devices it'll tell you the charging current, so you'll know if you have a good charger/cable combo. FWIW, it didn't work on my Asus Transformer. If you like it, consider supporting the dev by buying it Play Market (99 cents).

The charger I use at night for my phone was 1400 ma (which is better for the battery). My HP Touchpad charger is 1800. The ASUS charger for my Nexus 7 was 1400 with the same cable. I know my Transformer with dock will not charge both batteries (dock & tablet) with my HP TP charger, which I used to use for everything. Nice tool, but I wish it would work with all my devices.
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