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Note 2 identifying problem


Oct 23, 2014
Hello guys,
I have a huge problem identifying a galaxy note 2 motherboard...I had a n7100 galaxy note 2 and I burned its motherboard by an accident.Than I get a motherboard from eBay.
On that motherboard was flashed custom bootloader and android t-889 software, who says that imei is 0/10..When I look at the motherboard, writes: sgh-i317 / sgh-t889 ..The person who sold me the motherboard also give me the imei, and when I checked it, it says that it is from a n7100 galaxy note 2 .
Now I am so confused.I tried to flash the AT&T i317 stock rom, and it doesn not even boot.I don't know what to do in this situation.Please help.
Thank you.


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