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Notification bar on samsung galaxy J6

What launcher are you using? the original Samsung one or a third-party? I asked because many third party launchers (such as ADW and Nova) have the ability to hide the notification bar entirely.

Also (and never thought I'd ever hear myself say this) the J-Series Samsungs are no longer supported. They've been replaced with the A-Series. I am not even certain if any J-Series phones are VoLTE compliant, which is required today.
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i don't think Nova has this feature. i can't find one on my phone using Nova.

@waters4444 try putting the phone is safe mode and see if the issue goes away or not. if it does not in safe mode then something is wrong. you can then try flashing a firmware update to see if that fixes the issue. if it does not than it might be a hardware thing even though it works on the lockscreen.

go here for firmware updates:

just make sure you get the correct firmware update. flashing the wrong one could screw up the phone.
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