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Notification sounds won't turn off in Silent Mode


Aug 22, 2012
Hello everyone...

Got a new S3 yesterday and already have a (small, luckily) issue with it.
It's the European (German) unbranded version.

When I turn on "silent mode" or "vibrate mode", the way doesn't matter (volume keys, task bar, setting), the notification sound volume won't change / go mute! So I keep getting sounds for incoming Gmails, WhatsApp, Facebook and so on.

Already tried a hard reset, but it didn't help.

I could help myself with a widget - but I guess it should work the way without any app: When I turn on silent mode it should turn off any notification sounds except media and alarm, right?

Is there something in another setting, that I'm missing right now?

I attached a screenshot - this is how it looks when I turn on "silent mode" (i added the translations on the right :smokingsomb:).

Thanks for any kind of help!


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