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Notifications not being consistently pushed


Jul 1, 2021
Good afternoon, everybody! I have a problem with just one app, Haiku. The notifications are not getting pushed at all. I tried many things first, then I spoke to the IT service in the institution where I work, they looked into it and after trying several changes in multiple settings , they told me it was my phone and not the app and recommended I check with Samsung. I have no problems with other notifications from other apps.
Thank you very much for your reply. I modified settings multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app every time I modified the settings and several other things that the ITS people would tell me to do. Since nothing of all those things worked , they concluded it's got to be the device .
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As it's apparently Haiku that's broken and not your phone. There's not a lot you can do, except to keep pestering the devs to fix it. Epic Systems Corporation.
Thank you. It looks like cleaning the cache is the way to go, but it also looks like I have to do it frequently since today I already missed one page, then I cleaned the cache and I started getting the messages again. ?
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try first to wipe data and cache for the app. after that then uninstall the app and re-install it. sometimes when you uninstall an app, it's cache and data could still remain and thus you might have the same continued issues.
Thanks, it worked!! ....for a little while, then I started missing alerts again, then wiped data and cache again and problem solved again. I don't know for how long I will be able to keep doing this but .....
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