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Now in Google Play as "Coming Soon"


pain rustique
Nov 8, 2009
Mine arrived last Thursday, so I've had almost a week with it. So far I'm impressed.

First up, I LOVE the 'generic' look, as some critics have accused it of. Personally I don't need in-your-face branding to justify my ownership. There's a classy laser-etched Sony logo on the brushed-chrome strap clasp but the face is unadorned with such frippery. :)

It's not as bulky as some photos make it seem. It's certainly bigger than my SW2 but actually feels better than the latter due to the larger back surface and excellent strap.

Battery life is thus far okay. It's currently at 18% after just over 20hrs continuous use, including a couple of hours of music playback.

Functionality is, right now, a mixed bag. Android Wear itself is fine, and I'm finding notifications less intrusive than on the SW2. Music playback (via Play Music) is great, and works with both my BT earphones and portable speaker. Likewise the GPS is fine, but the compass appears FUBAR as it won't 'rotate' beyond 180 degrees. LifeLog integration is still patchy too; according to the app I haven't slept in six days! :thinking:
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