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Help Number of notifications on email and text not showing


Sep 25, 2022
All of a sudden, the notifications isn't showing the # of new emails or texts. I checked to make sure they are on. I checked the settings. Notifications is on , allow sound and vibration is on. All I want is to be able to see the number of new emails or texts next to their icon. This just started Friday or yesterday. What I mean, is when I get a new email, it would show a little number 1, or 2, or however many emails I have. Now it's not showing those #'s. Same with texts. Is there any issue that is causing that, and if so, how do I get them back?
Thanks to all of you for your suggestions, but I finally solved the problem --

I had rebooted the phone, I have no idea if I am using a custom launcher like nova? or samsung's OneUI?

I kept playing around with it,,and finally under widgets I found the setting that let me see the numbers again. I think it was the app icon badges one. But I didn't change it to start with, so no idea how it got changed, as I never even click on widgets. The only place I could find app icon badges was in the widgets thing

Thanks again to all of you!
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