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O.K, to format SD card if apps are on it? AOSP v.9.9.2 (Froyo)


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Apr 11, 2010
So... I've been getting some weird slow downs lately, a large part due to some sever slow down I'm experiencing on apps from SD card (this is most prolific at reboot and it takes a VERY long time before the phone is fully functional.

I'm hoping to rectify the problem by wiping SD, but how does this impact those Froyo apps (moved to SD) on hidden partition?

I have another slow down problem I'm experiencing that even a DAVLIK/Cache wipe doesn't remedy and I think it's related to colin's batt tweak as it mostly only happens when on AC Power.

Anyway, much oblige if anyone know if the SD wipe will harm my apps residing on SD. I can always restore them from Titanium, but would like to know just the same.

As for the batt tweak problems I'm having... maybe I'll just do a fresh install of 9.9.2 or give GB a go. This phone is really trying at times, I'm looking to upgrade in March, to what I do not know.
You should be able to move the apps to internal phone storage, then wipe the sd card, then move them back.
can't, not enough space.:eek:

just back everything up on your PC.....WIPE Format then move it back

I guess I'll do this. There doesn't appear to be any other solution.

Thought maybe there was a tool/utility that I could use for Rooted Phones that might allow me to format card, but preserve (hidden) app partition.
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Is there any way to see the apps that have been moved to SD, either by Terminal, Linux, etc.? So that I could possibly copy the exact structure then copy it back?

Also what's the best, speediest file system for the phone. I don't suppose exFAT is supported since it's a windows thing. Can we format as EXT3?

Edit: Confirmed my 16GB SD is seriously bogging the phone down. Slipped in a 1GB and it's way faster, though no doubt partly because there are no apps to load... have any of you experienced this problem before?
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