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Root Odin Stalled during Modem install


Sep 22, 2010
Big time lurker here finally coming out of the shadows. First I want to thank all of the developers and the folks who support us noobs in getting our phones rooted. You guys are awsome.

After following the root guides for a while and getting myself familiar with the process I have decided to plunge into the world of rooying etc.

So I was starting from a stock fascinate. I decided to follow the EB01 walkthrough method:
[EB01 WALKTHROUGHS] Rooting, Clockwork, Voodoo, Stock and Custom ROM, Battery, etc - xda-developers

I was able to successfully root the phone, Titanium backup my apps and data, add CWM to the phone (first green then red) and created a nandroid through CWM.

I then went to push the EB01a_modem.tar file through odin. It was going through the process and landed at the modem.tar and stalled.

I ended up letting the phone sit over night so I could get some sleep. This am I repushed the modem, and then flashed the EB01 zip and I am now up and running.


I did not wipe the data or cache. Should I do that now? Also I am thinking of testing some themes etc. Should I push a deodexed rom before doing that (and then wipe data/cache)?

Once I wipe, which is the better restoe to use in titanium?

Now that I am on EB01 I will create a new nandroid. Should I / or is there any way I can pull the original nandroid I made? Do I even need to?

Thanks for all the help. You all rock


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