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Root Ok flashed liberty 1.5 cannot sync contacts

Do you know how to export your contacts? If not let me know and I'll write out the steps. Its pretty easy but a lot of people don't even know that option is there. The reason it happened is Liberty doesn't have backup sync or whatever it's called that verizon gives to customers to backup local phone numbers i.e. not synced with google.
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No problem man.
Exporting Your Contacts
Go to MyVerizon
Log in.
In the middle of the page under "Devices" click "Manage Contacts"
in the top right of the contacts window (not the full browser window) there is a "select all" option click that then click the "action" drop down button next to it. Click "export contacts" CSV (outlook) is the default which is what we want. Click "ok".
It will download a file called "contact.csv"

Importing Contacts to Google
Open up your gmail account at. Quick link
Log in.
On the left, under the Gmail logo, click "contacts"
The menu will change and you will be given the option to click "import contacts". Do it.
Pop up will ask you to select the file. Find that file you just downloaded. Then click "import".
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