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Help "OK, Google" hotword detection causing phone connection issues

I have a G S4 with the latest 4.4.2. When I activate Google Voice detection, (OK Google), my voice is only recognized by my phone and not any bluetooth headset that I connect.

With a bluetooth connected and initiating one or two calls, subsequent call show still dialing and then disconnect while the dialed number actually is ringing during the process. This happens with both a Motorola Elite Flip and a Blueant Q2.

I've called Samsung support and they say it's a Google issue. I can't find any web postings of similar issues so think I must have something configured wrong.


I think it is a Google issue. I had a similar problem: while using plantronics bluetooth on a stock Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4.2 all calls after the first call, were muted. I tried all sorts of things, even got a new plantronics. The only thing that seems to fix the problem is to un-check the "ok google" detection from any screen and from locked screen, then reboot the phone. I'm still testing this solution to make sure it really fixed the issue.

Open Google; open settings, open voice, open "Ok Google" Detection, un-check BOTH From any screen and From lock screen.

See if that helps.
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