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Help ok heres a weird one with video files


Well-Known Member
Nov 10, 2009
Knoxville, Tn
I know before we couldnt view wmv video files on droid,
however I got an email with a wmv attachment, clicked the preview
and to my surprise it opened and played half way then popped up and said as before video cannot be played error, (but it did play half of it???)
so i went to gmail in browser and downloaded the attachment
when it finished downloading i clicked on it it opens with droid media player and plays completely??????
anyone here about update fixing the file assc problem with viewing wmv files???
I know before update it wouldnt cause i tried many times, and if they were cool vids i would convert them on pc and transfer to droid but now this is really cool

Ok,,,,, just checkin things and decided i would put a wmv file from laptop on droid as well as try a quicktime movie file
the wmv file plays on droid perfectly, however the quicktime played but had no sound...
this is way cool now the droid plays wmv videos since most common email videos from people i know are that and now i wont have to transfer and convert just to see them

EDIT.... ok put couple music vids that are wmv files and they wont play
only difference is on laptop when i check properties they all say WMV (capitiol letters) by file name, they ones that work are all lower case wmv


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