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Help Open sense plugin manager (force close)

It seems that ever since I installed winamp, my phone has been very buggy. I can access the internet, but I can no longer access the market and receive this error message immediately after resetting the phone:

The application Open Sense Plugin Manager (process.com.htc.opensense.pluginmanager) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. - Force close.

I also get the above error when trying to uninstall an app in settings - applications.

I'm able to go back to using the phone after receiving this message...but my apps have slowed down significantly and can no longer write data to applications. I've tried uninstalling apps manually from settings - applications but they just magically reappear after rebooting. Also, after adding/removing files on my SD card on the computer, it doesn't show the updated contents after unplugging now.

My phone is NOT rooted.

I'm running 2.2
Software number 3.29.651.5
PRL 01115
PRI version 1.77_003

I've tried resetting and removing the battery and rebooting countless times with no success. I do NOT want to upgrade to 3.70.651.1 (unless that might rectify the problem and can do so without losing my current version of apps) nor do I want the newest versions of my apps placed on my phone after a hard reset (especially Pandora and the weather channel).

Advice please!


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