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Opinions and Info about the Developer Edition and/or LTE-A version?


Jul 1, 2013
I've been looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 for Verizon, but I'm not sure what to get. My contract has been up, but I don't want to lose my current unlimited data plan by signing up for a new contract, so the only way to keep it is to buy the phone without a new contract. (If anyone knows any good places to find a cheaper one that is NEW, don't hesitate to let me know...thanks!)

Before I get into the two phones, I was wondering...do any versions of the Galaxy S4 have international capabilities (like with a SIM card...if so, what size?) that will work on the Verizon network as well? I mean, I know that I could still use the phone in other countries by spending extra money for call, texts, and data, but I was hoping to just buy a SIM card that'll just give me a new number and plan.

Anyway, first, I was considering the Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition, but I don't know enough about it to spend $650. I know that it comes with an unlocked bootloader (which I'm not sure I completely understand...so if someone can explain that to me in simpler terms, that be great!) and that is needed to be rooted, but does that mean I can have the capabilities of a rooted phone out-of-the-box? I want the capabilities of a rooted phone without voiding the warranty. Also, does it come with all the software that a normal S4 has? For instance, AirGesture is already installed on the normal, Verizon phones that you can buy at the Verizon store, but I know it's not on the Google Edition. If I purchase this phone, I want to get the all the newest software features that separates the S4 from the S3. Maybe someone can explain the real advantages of getting the Developer Edition compared to other versions.

In regards to the LTE-Advanced version of the Galaxy S4, I know it isn't out yet, but is it worth it to wait for the possibility that it will be on Verizon? The ability to be on the LTE-A network with this phone sounds enticing. Also, since it'll have the Snapdragon 800 processor over the Snapdragon 600 the rest of the Galaxy S4's have, it sounds like it has a much better advantage in processing ability.

Any opinions/info that can help is much appreciated!


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