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Jan 6, 2011
I got my bolt on day one and still enjoying it. About 4 weeks ago I purchased the extended battery and fell in love with the phone all over again. That weekend I was planning on getting a new case to fit around the extended. I dropped my phone that weekend and cracked the screen.

Bummer, but it still worked fine and I even got used to the crack across the screen.

Here's the kicker..a couple days ago I thought I had bad service but it turned out my Mic went out, out of know where. I brought it up to vzw to see if I had any options. The rep said because of the crack they could not replace and I don't have an upgrade till September.

Now I am forced to use a Bluetooth when I need to receive or make a phone call. Kinda stinks but I can live with that handicap.

Just wanted to know if there are any other options you guys might know of.



*sent from original, day one, now cracked screen, Mic dead, the one, the only sirrrrrrr HTC-Thunderbolt!


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