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Orange UK update - 4.04

How strange, I was hoping this would be the Jellybean update - but no. Orange just pushed me 4.04 via Kies. I've been running ICS for months (official ROMs only) how come Orange aren't doing JB?

See, here. I wondered how long it would be before someone spotted it! ;)

This is down to the carrier as Samsung have released JB to them to add their, "bloatware".See #1.8, here.
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Hah, yes - I was getting pretty excited.
I'd have switched to a 3rd party ROM by now if it wasn't for the Orange UMA app which is incredibly useful for someone like me who lives out in the countryside where there is no mobile signal at all. It seems that "Orange Signal Boost" as they brand it, is either too difficult or too niche to be included in third party ROMs. :(
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