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Root Ordered a 32 gb microSDHC to install CM7

The Nook should get here in the next day or two. The card should be here shortly thereafter. Plan is to see if I can install CM7 on the card so Android will run on the Nook. Since the Tablet is for granddaughter for her birthday I would like to download some good kid stuff onto it. I watched a youtube video that said to remove the card after everything is set up, but that doesn't make much sense. How much memory does CM7 take up?
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Ideally you have a small, cheap sdcard you use to install cm7 on your NC.

You remove it and replace it with a larger one that stays installed for data for installed apps.

If you only have the one card, you have to wipe it so it's ready to use for data. Some apps will not install or work properly without a sdcard.
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I have ordered a 32 gb microSDHC to install CM7 on.

I forgot about this ^^^^ and instead saw this:

The SD adapter I ordered comes with 2 2gb microSD cards.

You'll be good. Just set aside the bootable card in a safe place. You might try the TWRP (touchscreen) version. The menus are similar to the guides and a lot more fun to use. :D
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I assumed you were going to boot off the bootable card and use that to install CM7 on your NC, boot off your NC with the 32 gb card used for data. This is fastest and most dependable way to use it, but CM7 replaces your stock rom.

The 32 gb card is only used for data with this scenario and it's the easiest to maintain and use.
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