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Help OTA update followup


Android Expert
Nov 3, 2009
Out of curiosity, if you manually updated your device like I did, did you still get the popup telling you to update? I assumed they would push it out to everyone and not check what version was on phones but I may be wrong. So, If you did the manual update, did you still get the over the air update?
If you manually updated to Droid 2.0.1, you will not receive a notification from Verizon's OTA Update Service.

You WILL receive a notification when the next version after 2.0.1 is released (2.0.2 or later, whatever comes next). Unless you manually download that one too!

If you have rooted your Droid ... YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. You will never receive an OTA Update alert ever again. It's up to you to go out and get the updates and apply them yourself. Most likely, if you want to keep your Droid rooted, you will acquire the manual update from one of the Droid Gods who have maintained root access in the update that they publish for you.
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