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Help Out of control updates, and downloading through 3g even on wi-fi.


Android Expert
May 28, 2010
Cheshire UK
I guess the lack of replies is down to the fact that I forgot to use the template. So here goes.

Android 3.2.5
Vodafone UK
No task killer.
Rooted using GingerVillan 2.8 over a CM7 image partition. S-OFF.

Hi gang.

Okay this is a wired one. All day yesterday, my phone was locked up find over 70 alleged updates from the market, even though the market only said I had about 10. Also, even though I'm connected to my TalkTalk wifi connection at home, my monthly download allocation from vodafone was almost sucked dry. Used almost 400m, just yesterday. Now I have only 8% of my 500mb left to last me till october. When I go over, which I've no doubt I will, I'll be charged £5. Done a virus scan, but my phone is clean.

To give you some idea. Through 3G Watchdog, I found that yesterday my phone downloaded 294.73MB of updates, and today was 101.23MB.

Any ideas guys?

Thanks in advance.


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