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Help Outlook for Android - junk mail!


Accept no imitations!
  • Nov 17, 2009
    Manchester, Tennessee
    Microsoft Outlook has been pretty good about catching spam & scam, and sending it straight to the junk mail folder.

    Suddenly, about a week ago, Outlook started missing obvious garbage and it's filling up my inbox. Outlook does catch some, and the junk mail folder still gets some pretty brisk business. However, emails with obviously spammy email addresses, horribly misspelled words to bypass detection, and messages with no content are landing in my inbox.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this just another lousy app update; or did the update flip a setting that users need to re-flip? It's driving me nuts!
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    If I received every DeWalt power drill I'm told I've won, I could open a hardware store! Setting Outlook to filter "DeWalt", however, won't work because - we all know - these clowns use numbers like "DeWa1t".

    Outlook was fantastic at grabbing this stuff (no one with a cfghhgrrfy55y6556y@yahoo address actually exists)... it's just recently that it has dropped the ball.
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