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Root Overcome 3.1.0

kool kat2

Android Expert
May 21, 2011
Carson, CA
Hey guys, this might be the first custom rom i flash ever. I have been reading the instructions on overcomes page and i had a few questions. The first is do i download the 3 files (GB stock safe, kernel, rom) directly onto the tab? Second, after i put the tab in download mode, how do i navigate to the ffile?

I have a stock froyo rooted tmobile tab.

Edit: i answered the First one already. But heres another, as far as drivers, is kies all i need?

Edit: after lcopying the overcome zip file to the drive root, do i power off the tab while connected or do i unmount the tab and then do it?

Edit: ok guys i found a video (after searching the whole day [i suck at searching]) that answered all my questions. Ill report back if i get the courage to actually go through with it:rolleyes:

Edit: success!
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so what does over come let you do??

edit are you kidding me.. i buy my verzion tablet and before it even gets here i start learning about all the crap i cant do cause its the verzion. **** they dont even have 2.3.3 for it yet you they..

Yea it sucks because i got a Verizon tab after having a t-mo tab and jeez there's nothing happening with it... Although I haven't had mine for a few mot
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