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Pair DInc with two Bluetooth devices - one for phone and one for audio


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Feb 5, 2010
My car supports bluetooth for phone calling but does not support it for bluetooth audio. I found a device that I can pair with that provides bluetooth audio, but wasn't sure if it was possible to have my phone paired with both my car + this device?

Seems like it should be simple for an app to detect when the phone is ringing/off hook and connect to one bluetooth device, and default to the other when it is not. Is there anything like this? I'm rooted BTW.
Pretty sure you can only be paired with one device at a time.

And no apps can intelligently manage which bluetooth device is paired?? I find this hard to believe with Google being open source that nobody has figured out how to do this. The app Tasker is almost able to do it except it can't pick specific Bluetooth devices. When it gets updated to be able to pick a specific Bluetooth device I can just set up profiles for any phone-related stuff pairs with my car, and anything else will default to the other one.

Was just hoping there was some other workaround.
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