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Pantech Dual-Core Phone: Outsmarts HTC EVO 3D

Pantech makes decent stuff and is better known for feature phones sold under carrier brand names in many countries, and well-known by their own name in Korea.

As well they should - they own controlling interest in SK-Telecom, Korea's phone giant. (So, a new Pantech on SK-Telecom is kinda to be expected.)

Anyone besides me ever hear of the Helio Ocean? That was a Pantech.

HTC is clocking the 8660 at 1.2 GHz to save battery life, no doubt.

Get a Sensation, root it, clock it up to 1.5 GHz (the spec'd level for the 8660) - and you've just gotten the Pantech equivalent.

Nothing to see here until Pantech decides to take on HTC worldwide with this phone.
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The doesn't specifically say what processor it is running, but does say the GPU is the Adreno 220, which is on the 8660 processor the E3D and Sensation are both using so I think it is safe to assume it is the same processor just being clocked at a higher speed, as EarlyMon stated.

I also want to think that the article messed up on the camera specs by switchig them around; if not then I think it's sort of odd that the higher quality camera would be on the front. It's basically the same phone as the Sensation but with the amount of RAM the E3D has.

From my understanding, the E3D has a better screen than the TFT this Pantech is using as well.
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I blame the blogs for this confusion. Not everyone can work in the industry, so people rely on them for info.

Per usual, they've dropped the ball and normal people expecting the blog writers to show some job competency can't tell they're being sold FUD.

All popular LCD screens beyond the old calculators of yesterday are TFT type. It's been that way for so long that we don't even bother to call them TFT-LCDs anymore - but the phone blogs think this is some of kind of differentiator, so it adds to the FUD and the smoke and mirrors they use to turn a small press release into news, and calling out the occasional LCD as a TFT-LCD is yet another show of their lack of tech understanding.

TFT = thin film transistor and has to do with control circuitry for the LCD - not the LCD tech. This just in: transistors are used to create fields to control LCD sub-pixels and they're laid down on a glass substrate so it's a good idea that they're a thin-film type.

The screen in the 3vo we know is made by Sharp. The Sensation might have a Sharp (so HTC can get better volume deals) or might be other - I've heard zip on who's supplying them.

If you've spent any time with Sharp TVs (Sharp brought the first LCD TVs to the market, worldwide) - you know their HD models are really quite good.

The type of screen we ought expect is a Sharp AVS-LCD type, and in 2D promises a great range of viewing angles.

TFT LCD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Pantech is clocking in at 800x480 screen res so it's unlikely they're using some advanced tech beyond LCDs that we all already know and have seen.

The Andreno 220 only appears on the 8x60 family - Mobile Processors | Snapdragon | Qualcomm

SK-Telecom is a CDMA carrier, hence my belief that the 8660 in particular is used on that phone.

If you swim upstream from that blog, you see they got their story from unwiredreview.com - they got the cameras backwards - and they got their story from ... wait for it... Engadget, who didn't have to specify which camera was which.

Pantech cooks up world's first 1.5 GHz dual-core phone, tablet in the works -- Engadget Mobile

Tech blogs - some are better than others.

Your takeaway for this rant: Early says grrrrrr to bad blogs! ;)
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