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Pantech Marauder Root?

Has anyone rooted their Pantech Marauder? Mine is for Verizon btw, I have tried everything and read novels of information but no luck. Has anyone had any luck rooting this phone? I would appreciate any input cause I'm at a loss, and a newbie to this process.

I'm interested in learning this process too. Pantech Marauder from Verizon. Model: ADR910L; Android: 4.1.2; Software: S910LVWD533F.D1; Kernel: 3.4.0; Build: JZ054K

I can't get any storage from the 4GB internal memory with all the bloatware and the system does not use the SD card for anything more than music/photos. I want to use the SD for apps and so far I've learned that I need to assign the internal to external and visa-versa. But I've yet to learn 'how-to'.

I've bookmarked your post. If I find anything, I'll get back to you. PM me if this forum supports it or reply here.

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That is my main reason for trying to get something to work, need my internal storage cleared out so the phone will run smooth without sacrificing the apps I use on a regular basis. I am currently playing with the sideloader but don't know if that can make a difference with setting a root in or anything...lol Sucks and there is nothing out there that works on this phone and I am just learning so I am running full throttle blind which probably won't end up good, but I will also let you know if I figure anything out.
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