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pardon the ignorance

I was just on the HTC site and the HD2 is killer, and it is cdma. Is this the passion/dragon or not? If not, what would it take to force android onto the phone. I mean, comeon, the phone looks killer, but winmo bites.

No apps, no one wants it, but the phone looks so pretty. WTF


Its not really CDMA, at least not US CDMA. I got confused on the WCDMA myself wiht the Bravo specs. On top of that its a windows mobile phone which is what kills the HD2 in the end. I swear the HD2 would be sweeping up the 10 outta 10 or 5 outta 5 reviews if it had Android on board.
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Thanks, yeah, the pone looks KILLER. I hate my Storm. I think I am willing to ride it out to some extent, but who knows. I am getting weaker when I see these vastly improved phones that my storm look like dog droppings. RIM is so done

Without the 5.0 upgrade for the storm I would have most likely gone with the Eris. But that 5.0 makes the Storm a nice phone, not nice enough to forget the crap it was before, but nice enough to soldier on till Jan.
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