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Nah i dont have the setting but i flashed my google apps separately when i put on a custom rom so maybe theyre out of date?

If you're flashing the latest GApps then you should have it. Just tap on the Google Settings app in your app drawer. Then it's right at the bottom of the list, very last one.

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I think what funnylogik might need is this image...this is the icon to look for in your full app drawer.

Anyway, I now suspect that my first idea would have worked:
I suppose you could try a different installer, perhaps Easy Installer.

When I tap .APK files in a file browser like ES File Explorer, I get two options: "Verify and install" with the Google installer icon and "Easy Installer". That it uses the word 'verify' makes me think it may be the same verification procedure. The less interactive Easy Installer probably skips that step.

...well I used to get two options. I'm not sure why but I tried it just now and didn't get asked. I must have checked a box saying not to ask me again.
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