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Sams Hung

May 5, 2012

I bought my S2 second hand and it was already rooted. It was partitioned so that i could just plug it into my PC and use it as a flash drive.
However, I did a factory reset a while ago because there was a lot of crap on the phone that i didn't want, and I installed ICS.
Doing this deleted the partition and I have no idea how to create another one.

Can anybody help me out?
Ok but when i used to plug my phone ito my PC via usb cable it would show up in 'my computer'.
Now it doesn't.
How can i configure it so it will appear in my computer again, so i can simply drag and drop files instead of using kies.

when connected to your pc, your phone should show a connected to usb screen with a button to enable usb connection or something at the bottom. click that button to enable mtp mode and your phone should display in my computer
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