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PCWORLD has an EVO problem

My wife teaches the 14-17 year olds' Sunday School class at church. She had to tell them to put away their phones during class. She said she got a new phone a couple of months ago and loves it but there are appropriate times to use it and when to put it away. They asked which one and she said the Evo. "No way!" "Can we see it?!?" The teenagers think the Evo rocks and I believe them way more than PC World.
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I used to be a regular reader of PCWorld, but I grew weary of the bias in their reviews and articles. In a nutshell, it became pretty apparent to me that their objectivity is influenced by advertising revenue.

Now that may make good business sense and the practice might be the rule rather than the exception, but that doesn't mean I have to support it.

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Evo is a beast... flashed this baby out at work today and asked a fellow co-worker if he was able to download music straight from his device and play it in his music player for free... he looked at me like "is that humanly possible??"

I'm guessing he had an Iphone.

And yeah, PCWorld is nothing more than a magazine that prints it's opinions based on how much money those companies shell out. The more money, the better reviews it will give. They are a joke.
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Which app are you using to do that?

I use MixZing Player. The free one works just fine. The pro allows you to custom edit the tags and do some other things. I keep it is a large widget on one of my screens.

You can download or upload any mp3 and drop it in a folder on your phone. I created a folder called Music. The MixZing player will play any of them very easily.
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