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Permanently Disable Weather Alerts?

The phone is only a few weeks old and I have installed very few apps and nothing related to weather. The only way there is more than one weather app is if TMobile or Samsung put more than one on it.

All Samsungs I've had, have only one weather app pre-installed. But if you got a carrier customized variant phone, maybe there's more than one? Or maybe there's another app, like a news app, that has weather as well?
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and double check to see if you have allowed notifications from your browser. some websites will send you notifications to your phone.
Well, I may have found it. I don't mind weather alerts coming in; it's that horribly screechy alert sound I object to. I found the text of the weather alert in my text messages which indicates to me it was a text. I didn't know text messages would do that horrible sound that would wake the dead.

I had TMobile disable text messaging on my line for ten years or more and recently changed my rate plan and I guess they turned texting back on when they did it. I also found about fifty other BS messages in there, too.

Just another reason to again to disable texting. I think I'll call TMobile and tell them again to disable texting on my line.
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