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Help Persistent apps appear in status bar since last update


Dec 4, 2013

Since the firmware update a few weeks ago, my two persistent apps (Tasker and Twilight) keep appearing in the status bar and/or the notification pull down panel after every phone restart, despite the fact that I have disabled 'show notifications' in the Application Manager section. I have to disable them each time after restart by selecting 'show notifications' and then deselecting it immediately afterwards.

Thanks chaps!

That is excellent news Mr Lucky! Do you have a source on that!?

I can confirm it. My boyfriend and I both have the S4, but mine is rooted with a custom rom so that feature works. My boyfriends S4 is not rooted, stock, and running pure Android 4.4. I just tested the Roundr app by disabling Show Notifications. Turned off the phone and turned it back on. No notification showing. It use to show up on the notification pulldown but now it doesn't. :)
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