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Help Pesky Amazon App Advert Pop Up?!


Sep 11, 2013
Hello there,

I think I have noticed this happening ever since about a week ago upon updating a few (benevolent) apps through the play store as usual, after having been prompted to do so.

Whatever processes the phone is running, be these WhatsApp, Browser etc. you name it, this screen pops up over everything, overriding the given app and this ad has to be clicked off. If I recall correctly, I believe this has even materialized when idling on my home screen.

I am not the type to just be careless and willy-nilly with my phone activity, incurring dodgy spyware on computers and the like so I cannot understand how or what has occurred here!

Has anyone seen anything like this before or any idea what the problem could be attributable to or how to solve it as it is exceedingly annoying?

Many thanks in advance.


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If it is actually Amazon:
Open the Amazon app on your phone and go to settings. You can enable or disable notifications.

If it's for Kindle in any way, you will have to fix your Kindle account.
I've got Kindle turned off. No ads and no push unless I want a book.

What is it advertising? Just in case it's spoofed.

I have the Amazon App, I disable it until I want it. None of my apps send ads. Most were paid.

"When notifications are enabled, the Amazon Appstore can notify about important news and completed tasks" Then it goes on about downloads and updates.

The quote is from Amazon settings
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