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Help Phone backspaces WHILE typing.. wtf?


Mar 31, 2010
Hey everyone! I already have a quiet a lot of problems with my Eris ( a lot of lag making and receiving calls, slow, freezing, etc) but I've just encountered ANOTHER problem about 2 weeks ago, I think.

Almost everytime I'm charging my phone and I try to type something, it just keeps backspacing and it messes what I'm trying to type. I have no idea how it happens, but it just does. It's really annoying because it won't let me type properly. Has anyone had this problem before and does anyone know how to fix it?

I've already tried calling Verizon but they give me the same BS.. hard reset. another refurb.. etc and I'm honestly sick of this phone. Is there any way they can replace my phone with a different one ( not an Eris ) without paying?

K, well if anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks :)
Hello debssx. Sorry to see you're having problems with your Eris.

Keyboard woes are common with the charging cable attached, as we see posted reports of that around various device forums, and a lot of those reports here in the Eris forum.

It's best to not use the device for much of anything while it's plugged in, sorry to say, with the exception of moving files around with it attached to a computer via the USB cable.

Speaking of that USB/charging cable, it is possible that it is defective, but that is easy to test by using another one for a while, whether newly purchased or borrowed from another user with the same cable.

The old advice to perform a factory data reset is generally good advice, even though we get sick of hearing it. ;) It won't remedy every issue every time, but it's just about the best thing to attempt once other options have been explored and have failed.

I've relocated your question to the (new) Eris support area for you, where it's a better fit than the generic Eris discussion forum.
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Hey debssx3, just saw your post so if you have figured this issue out already sry for the late reply, but what you are describing sounds like the "trackball issue". If your homescreens scroll to the left while plugged in that would most likely confirm it. If this is still an issue for you, unfortunately the phone needs replaced. You can find many posts concerning this if you look at trackball issue.
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Hi there, I have the same issues as debssx3. Except my trackball and screens move to the left and backspace even when the phone is NOT plugged in! I too have gone through the same BS w/ Verizon. Hard reset, another refurb (I am on my third refurb). Any suggestions about how to present this to Verizon so I can get another phone for free?!!
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Probably just take it in to your verizon store and show them. They will be able to confirm how many phones you have had to go through. If you have done a lot of wiggling around with the usb, it can happen without it being plugged in. I would just explain I want a phone that works, maybe a rep will be nice and try to upgrade you to an inc or something of your choosing. If you end up with another Eris, I recommend only using htc or verizon chargers as to after market or battery powered chargers may be the culprit. Nevertheless, this is a well documented issue with the Eris so you shouldn't have any problems.
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