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Help Phone Button + Google Voice


May 25, 2010
I am an iPhone user seriously considering switching to the Incredible as the Android platform has matured and I am sick of Apple's "Walled Garden". My one big question is actually a Sense UI question. If I enable Google Voice to "take over" phone calls on the phone (this is possible, correct? It could be done on the Motorola Droid). Will the HTC Phone app that is launched from the phone button at the bottom of the home screen use Google Voice to make my calls, or will I have to launch the Google Voice app to get that functionality (logging calls, correct number on caller ID, etc)?
There is a way to choose which option you want your phone to use google voice.

-Use google voice to make all calls
-do not use google voice to make any calls
-only use google voice for international calls
-ask every time i make a call

I chose the last option, since my family I still call from my real number. and it acts like a call confirm app where i dont accidently call people, i have to choose an option before it actually places the call
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Sort of correct... The people app's messages tab does not show any google voice messages. And stuff like handcent cannot yet use it. But as alluded to above, you can set it up so that within people if you click on send text message to mobile for any given user, it uses google voice.

So now that mine is configured to always use google voice for both talk and text, there are no extra steps I need to take from within people or from the phone app itself to use google voice to make outgoing calls.

Although I have no MMS capability, I have email. I can live without having the text messages available under the people app. Now I get to save $10/month to not have to pay for any message plan.
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